Nintendo's PlayStation Prototype Found

Posted by GamersTavern on 4 July, 2015 at 5:58PM

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Nintendo's PlayStation Prototype Found

Happy 4th of July, everyone! To celebrate, here's some cool bit of retro related news. First, in the event that you don't already know this, I'll give a little background information to help you understand the context behind this story: around 25 years ago, Nintendo and Sony entered into a partnership to create a CD capable console, but those plans fell through and the thing never saw commercial release. There were, however, a number of prototypes produced. One of those prototypes has allegedly been discovered, with pictures and even a video posted online showcasing the thing. If this is the real deal, then it's practically a historical relic. It should probably be donated to a museum somewhere. Where's Indiana Jones when you need him?

The person that found this supposed prototype goes by the online alias of "Dnldbld." This individual claims to be the son of a businessman who had connections with a former Sony executive, thought to be Olafur Olafsson (what a name), the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1991. Maybe his dad really DID work at Nintendo. Have a look at some of the pictures below and judge for yourself!


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